Bicycling, a history.

The first non-tricycle that I remember was a banana-seated high-riser that I used in the late 1960s while living on a tree-farm outside of Mt. Brydges, Ontario. I was 8 years old then, and that "wheelie bike" served me well on gravel roads, the driveway and through the neighbour's tobacco fields. I collected my first... Continue Reading →

Onward and …downward?

Vanitas still life (cropped), by Stevers, 1630 - 1660. Rijksmuseum. I write now on the edge. I don't know if I will have the self-confidence to publish, and if I do, is it just another narcissistic venture adding to those already crowding the web? Looking at the title of this post and the blog name... Continue Reading →

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