Rode Wireless Go II problems after V2.2.3 update.

(Image from Rode)

After the most recent update to version 2.2.3, one of the microphone transmitters of my Rode Wireless Go II failed to turn on or show the flashing blue light to indicate charging. After contacting Rode Support, I received an email that I should contact a service facility on the other side of Canada. As I had lost the receipt and had not (uncharacteristically) registered the units with Rode, I had no record of my purchase or warranty. I looked for another solution.

Eventually *smacks forehead*, I found the solution was fairly simple.

I opened Rode Central on my desktop and then plugged in the faulty unit through the USB. In Rode Central, I selected the unit and then picked the settings symbol on the top right-hand side. In the settings, the first option is Factory Reset. I selected this and followed the directions. The transmitter restarted with the correct firmware. The second blue indicator light began flashing and the unit began charging immediately.

But, now there was another problem, both mics were not recording! For some inexplicable reason, the Rode Central app update switches off both mics. To solve this, plug both mics into your computer. Open Rode Central and proceed as below:

I love those little microphones, and I’m glad I managed to get them going again.

Comments welcome.

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