The Toad who could not use the letter “e”.

Onc upon a tim thr was a Toad that couldn’t us th lttr .  (It was not a problm, as most popl could intrpolat anyway.) Howvr, Toad thought about it a grat dal, for h so wantd to b th sam as th othr animals. H wantd to writ lik thm and spak lik thm. H wantd to b part of th community of natur . (No on told him h alrady was.)

So h bgan to tach himslf to us th lttr , by rading books writtn by rgular animals, and h saw that all th othr animals all usd th lttr , but thy did not sound th sam. This puzzld him. If thy did not sound th sam, why could h too not sound th sam? So h gav up trying to us th lttr  so that h too could b diffrnt. Whn h shard his writing, no on would rad it.

It was not bcaus of th missing , it was bcaus h was a toad.

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