Green Yearning.

These are cell phone photos taken in our garden in mid-June 2022. We had an amazingly moist spring for our location in Edmonton, Alberta, and the garden was lush and green. My wife and I had put a lot of effort into this green space in the early years. Although our daughter is now hundreds of kilometres away in a true garden city, I can’t help but reflect on how this garden had grown and changed with her since the mid-’90s when she was born. Like me, the garden now is a bit unkempt and rough around the edges, but it serves us well as our home-grown urban refuge.

Now, in mid-April, we’re still in the desolate early spring mode. While I always appreciate winter for the chance to rest with the garden, and turn to other creative pursuits, by March, I’m tired of the snow, ice and cold and begin to yearn for more sun, for warmer days and the first signs of fresh green growth.

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