Remembrance Day 2021

My only direct connection to the wars that are remembered this day in Canada are through my parents, who were in their teens in the Netherlands during WW2. Both seldom mentioned their experiences during the war while alive. However, I later learned through my father's autobiography that the times were challenging for his family. The... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Throckmorton

Elizabeth Throckmorton, Canoness of the Order of the Dames Augustines Anglaises, 1729. Oil on canvas, 82 x 66 cm. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.. I first came across this image on a YouTube video featuring Vivaldi's Filiae maestae Jerusalem. As magnificent as the music was, I found I was distracted by the face of this woman, peering... Continue Reading →

The Night Watch — a closer look.

Gunners of District II under Captain Frans Banninck Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch, 'The Night Watch' (Schutters van Wijk II onder kapitein Frans Banninck Cocq en luitenant Willem van Ruytenburch, 'De Nachtwacht' ) Amsterdam Museum The Rijksmuseum's most famous work (on loan from the Amsterdam Museum), Rembrandt's Night Watch, has been photographed in ultra-high... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Easter Sunday

For most of us outside of the church, and not intimate with the relationship between the tilt of the earth as it rotates around the sun, Easter is spring and chocolate bunnies. Reynolds, 1846. Royal Museums Greenwhich For those who care about facts, however, spring begins with the Vernal Equinox. In 2020, in my part... Continue Reading →

Onward and …downward?

Vanitas still life (cropped), by Stevers, 1630 - 1660. Rijksmuseum. I write now on the edge. I don't know if I will have the self-confidence to publish, and if I do, is it just another narcissistic venture adding to those already crowding the web? Looking at the title of this post and the blog name... Continue Reading →

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