Ideas on a Sunday: Rebellion as a way of life.

Trigger warning: this article will touch on the subject of suicide. Absurdism in a nut shell:Albert Camus believed that it was absurd to try to find meaning in a meaningless universe. If one accepts that life is meaningless, there may appear to be only two responses, either a physical suicide--the deliberate ending of your own... Continue Reading →

Aquaria. What’s old is new again.

Aquaria: what's old is new again, for me at least. Found in my father's slide collection, a Dutch-style aquarium. 1963. (Scan from 35mm slide, Converted to B&W due to colour degradation) Like photography, the keeping of aquaria was introduced to me by my father when the family lived in South Africa in the 1970s. His... Continue Reading →

Best of Frost

We had a beautiful morning skiing amoung the frost-rimed trees just outside our front door on the day before New Year's. Skiing between the larches. On the morning of the 30 December, a dense fog greeted us, however, it dissipated the same day. The next day was fog-free, but the frost was intense, covering every... Continue Reading →

Wandering: then and now.

For the first time at this school, an English assignment excited me. I chose the heroic narrative style: epic poetry. For the project's examples, I chose The Song of EƤrendil, (a mini-epic contained within the Lord of the Rings) and passages of translations from Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, The Song of Roland, and Beowulf.

Early Spring in the garden.

The last of the snow has melted and the soil is reasonably dry, so I did some work in the front garden yesterday. Always, the first thing to do is pick up litter, which isn't overwhelming today, because the winds have been trending south-easterly, rather than the north-westers and westerly winds that bring in the... Continue Reading →

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