Wandering: then and now.

For the first time at this school, an English assignment excited me. I chose the heroic narrative style: epic poetry. For the project's examples, I chose The Song of Eärendil, (a mini-epic contained within the Lord of the Rings) and passages of translations from Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, The Song of Roland, and Beowulf.

Early Spring in the garden.

The last of the snow has melted and the soil is reasonably dry, so I did some work in the front garden yesterday. Always, the first thing to do is pick up litter, which isn't overwhelming today, because the winds have been trending south-easterly, rather than the north-westers and westerly winds that bring in the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning

Rain's coming. I'm back from a morning cycle trip, taken before the forecast rain began. I've just been pondering the difference cycling has made in my life. At 58 years old, I can honestly say that I have probably never been fitter in the last 30 years.  I have just cycled 32 km in one... Continue Reading →

Night Thoughts

On most nights, I have a period of wakefulness, where my mind becomes anxious about what has been and what will be. I usually try to shut that down by retreating to my fantasy world, trying to solve the problems in the storyline, or by trying to move it along at one stage or another.... Continue Reading →

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