Last week, I was burning some time visiting the Old Strathcona Antique Mall while my bicycle was being repaired. I always find it amusing to see unusual items or the odd juxtapositions on the shelf, some planned, some accidental. Here are a few that caught my attention, unstaged by me. If you recognize any of... Continue Reading →

Green Yearning.

These are cell phone photos taken in our garden in mid-June 2022. We had an amazingly moist spring for our location in Edmonton, Alberta, and the garden was lush and green. My wife and I had put a lot of effort into this green space in the early years. Although our daughter is now hundreds... Continue Reading →

Along the coast, Victoria, British Columbia.

We had a good walk with our daughter in Victoria, BC. Today we visited the Victorian-era Ross Bay Cemetery and Beacon Hill Park. (First attempt at posting from the WordPress app. on my Pixel 6a) Driftwood art. Ross Bay Cemetery Artist Emily Carr's Grave site. To Beacon Hill Park... (All photo's with Pixel 6a)

Autumn Cycling on Elk Island Trails

This autumn, I managed to get out to Elk Island National Park twice, with two broad goals. First, I wanted to do some early morning photography, and secondly, I wanted to explore some ideas I've been having about using a mountain bike, not for ripping, shredding, or even bunny hopping, but as a means for... Continue Reading →

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