Rock of Ages

The above Agnostid (not Agnostic, that's me, and a much bigger fossil.) is only 8mm long. It has had a troubled past, being quite unsure if it is a trilobite or a mere, less distinguished (if I understand correctly), mandibulate crustacean (i.e like lobsters, crabs and shrimps). If anyone wants to pursue this further, I suggest you start with, Burgess Shale fossils shed light on the agnostid problem. (2019). I dare not go there myself, as the words are too big, and too many.


The Beaufort Wind Scale was first developed in 1805 by  Sir Francis Beaufort, of the U.K. Royal Navy. It describes a Force 8 gale as Moderately high (18-25 ft) waves of greater length, edges of crests begin to break into spindrift, foam blown in streaks. Dutch Boats in a Gale ('The Bridgewater Sea Piece') by Joseph... Continue Reading →

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