Rock of Ages

The above Agnostid (not Agnostic, that's me, and a much bigger fossil.) is only 8mm long. It has had a troubled past, being quite unsure if it is a trilobite or a mere, less distinguished (if I understand correctly), mandibulate crustacean (i.e like lobsters, crabs and shrimps). If anyone wants to pursue this further, I suggest you start with, Burgess Shale fossils shed light on the agnostid problem. (2019). I dare not go there myself, as the words are too big, and too many.

Contemplating the Photographer

I was a "Photographer" of sorts once. It was an interest I became enthused with at about age 15 while living in South Africa in the 1970s. Just a teen, I was lucky to receive as my first camera an old Exa single lens reflex camera...

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